Welcome to SF Auto Labs, where we breathe a new life into cars that insurance deemed too broken to drive.  If you are looking for a shop who can help you to purchase a salvage car of your dream and bring it back to the road? We have you covered end-to-end.


"In Second Chance We Trust!"



Looking for a space to work on your own car? Rent a garage bay with a car lift and access to tools at a competitive price. Our repair shop is conveniently located between San Jose and Santa Clara, California in the SF Bay Area. We provide flexible schedule and volume discounts. Book your spot now!



At SF Auto Labs we help our clients to avoid unnecessary mistakes and focus on the enjoyable aspects purchasing salvaged vehicle and rebuilding it. 

We provide guidance on everything from salvage car inspection and purhasing a salvage vehicle from Copart or IAAI to finding the right technician and renting a garage shop space and time for Your salvage car project.


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Rebuild WITH US

Salvage Cars Rebuilding

Salvage Cars Restoration

If you have a specific salvage car in mind from Copart or IAAI autions, we accept orders to rebuild it for You. You can also buy a risk free one of the recomended lots inspected by us. Contact us to discuss project details. 

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