C250 W204 Drive Train
Basic Mods

Explore your options for modifying Mercedes Benz c250 w304 drive train

Welcome to the inaugural SF Auto Labs Blog! If you're reading this, chances are you've already scoured the internet for answers. Luckily, your search ends here.  In this blog I would like to talk about several mods for the W204 C250 which have been growing in popularity.

I’m sure you know that the engine under the hood is a turbocharged 1.8 liter engine. But for those who don’t, this car is equipped with a M271 EVO DE18. It was previously supercharged in the W203 series and a modified version of this engine was used in Formula 3 racing scoring placement for the Mercedes-Benz Team.

That last use of this engine is what inspired me to work on the W204 chassis. But we aren't here to talk about just engine mods but all the basic mods you can do to this chassis.

A good point to start is of course the tires. Stock, you'd be getting some 18 inch Continentals with 235/45 ratio which is great for a comfy grocery getter, but are no good for a fun spirited ride or a shredding laps on track. In my case I took it to an extreme with 275/35 tires in the back and 225/40 in the front. But a good setup is the one Mercedes provided with the super sport package: 18/235/40 at the front and 18/255/35 at the back. As for the brand of the tires I found Michelin to be the best one. After trying out Continental, Pirelli and Goodyear I found that the first doesn't have a good enough grip, second wears out too fast and the performance in wet conditions is less than expected and last is good but not on the same level with Michelin. So the best tire upgrade in my opinion is the staggered setup with Michelin tires.

Moving on down the line are the wheels. In order to support those tires sizes you'd need 8.5 rims in the back and at least 7.5 in the front. Here you can let the imagination and budget do the work.

My only recommendation is to look for forged or rotary forged rims to reduce the weight and increase rigidity. For example the OEM 7 spoke amg rims weigh around 40-45 pounds and the rotary forged Aodhan AFF7 are half of that at just 20 pounds. In addition you can play around with the fitment by adding wheel spacers. Best range would be between 2.5mm to 10mm.Replace this text with information about you and your business or add information that will be useful for your customers.

Next up on our blog is the suspension, a crucial aspect of your vehicle's performance. When it comes to upgrading your W204 C250 suspension, you have a variety of options to choose from. Lowered springs, a full coilover setup, or even a begged setup are all viable choices. Considering your budget, it's important to select the option and brand that best aligns with your needs.Replace this text with information about you and your business or add information that will be useful for your customers.

In my personal opinion, coilovers provide the best value for your investment. Specifically, the BC Racing BR series coilovers stand out among the competition. Offering exceptional quality, impressive performance, and a reasonable price point, these coilovers have proven their worth. Even after enduring four years of heavy use, abuse, and even a crash, they continue to deliver top-notch performance.

When it comes to optimizing your W204 C250 suspension, consider the BC Racing BR series coilovers for an unbeatable combination of quality, performance, and durability.

Last but certainly not least, we have strut bars—a modification often overlooked by many. While some may perceive them as purely cosmetic upgrades, but let me tell You, their impact goes far beyond aesthetics. By installing strut bars on both the front and rear of your vehicle, you can effectively minimize body flex.

The benefits of strut bars are truly remarkable. Enhanced stability and improved handling during cornering are just a couple of the advantages you'll experience. Even at higher speeds, I noticed a significant difference in the ease of maneuvering, It gave to me heightened sense of connection to the car, particularly on winding roads.

Don't underestimate the power of strut bars. At the moment I've installed it at my C250 W204 I really started thinking it was the best investments I've made in terms of performance improvements for the value.

As a bonus I'd like to mention a modification to the rear differential. All the W204 chassis come with an open rear differential. The awesome folks in Racing Diffs make special plates which convert the basic open differential to an LSD allowing you to make those corners even quicker and open an opportunity to build a drift rig or maybe, just maybe doing some donuts with your boys on Sunday nights.

* Disclaimer

Non of the mentioned parts, brands and products are a sponsor of this article, I am stating my opinion based on the experience I had in modifying my own 2014 W204 C250


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