Salvage Car Inspection


independant Pre-purchase Salvage car inspection at copart and IAAI auction sites

Perhaps You are considering purchasing a salvage car for your next DIY project or just want to save some money while aquiring a bit more prestigios or better equipped vehicle and You may still asking yourself whether it's a good idea to buy a car with a salvage title? 

Salvage Cars Inspection Report

Sticking with a salvage car may result in considerable benefits or a huge headache, depending on the approach you take. At SF Auto Labs, we do our best to help You avoid unnecessary mistakes and focus on the enjoyable aspects purchasing salvaged vehicle and rebuilding it. We can provide guidance on everything from choosing the right candidate vehicle to finding the right technician.

At SF Auto Labs, we help clients navigate the process of purchasing and rebuilding salvage cars from Copart and IAAI auctions located in state of California. We understand the risks and rewards of buying a salvage car, and can help you make an informed decision based on your specific needs and goals.

It is highly recommended to not purchase anything from an auction without an in-person inspection. At SF Auto Labs, we do periodic tours across major Copart and IAAI locations around the Bay Area, CA to inspect cars for our own rebuild projects. We can also inspect cars for you at a competitive fee and provide a full report you never be able to get online.

Salvage Vehicle Inspections


Copart San Francisco

Copart Fresno

Copart Sacromento

Copart San Jose

Inspection Plus

IAAI Locations







+ $25


Includes inspection of one salvage vehicle at Copart Hayward, Matinez or Vallejo locations. 

Includes inspection of one salvage vehicle at Copart Fresno location. 

Includes inspection of one salvage vehicle at Copart Sacromento location. 

Includes inspection of one salvage vehicle at Copart San Jose location. 

Additional inspection report for every another vehicle at the same location 

Extra fee for inspection and report for the vehicle at the IAAI location per vehicle

Please be advised that we cannot allow inspection of cars that have already received winning bids. Therefore, we recommend that you plan your inspection ahead of time and give us at least 48 hours notice before the inspection date.

Every inspection report will include 25 to 30 high-resolution photos of the vehicle, a video of the engine starting (if the engine starts). You can also speak with the SF Auto Labs technician by phone during the inspection (if you choose to do so), and we allow a 15-minute phone call with the technician after the inspection is completed. For a small extra fee of $25, we can provide an estimated quote for repair parts and labor (available for a selection of cars; please inquire at the time of ordering an inspection).

Need inspection out side of Northern California? Please use the form below to send us a quote request. The estimate cost is $150 plus travel expences. 

If you let us host your rebuild project we will offer to you 50% discount for all inspections ordered with us. All quatations (if available) comes for free

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